Salt Mine

Visit the world-famed Salt Mines, its located only around 30 min drive from Krakow. Place full of beautiful corridors, works of art, filled with stories and legends.

Visit the world-famed salt mines. Active for 700 years, now one of the highlights for all travelers. It’s an interesting journey below ground, through seemingly endless caverns and sculptures made of salt. Walk through the old mine shafts and tunnels, an underground lake and excavated chapels. Enjoy the view of statues, scenes from Polish folklore and a stunning Kinga’s chapel. All carved from Salt. The Mines is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Please note:

Walking distance in the mines: ca. 2 kilometers (1.2 miles)

Temperature in the mines: 16 degrees C i.e. 60 F. (all year round)

Wieliczka Salt Mines Private Tour

Pick up from your hotel in Krakow

Transportation with private car and driver

Visit to the Salt Mines site with private/ or group (depending on your choice)

Driving back to Krakow

Arrange your visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine