Krakow former capital of Poland was not destroyed during the WWII. Until nowadays it is considered as one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) city in Poland. As a local, being born here I can show you the real city with its past and present stories.

The historic centre of Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is situated at the foot of the Royal Wawel Castle. The 13th-century merchants' town has Europe’s largest market square and numerous historical houses, palaces and churches with their magnificent interiors.

An excellent example of what Europe can offer: perfect human scale Old Town developed in over a thousand years preserved within part existing part destroyed city walls. The Main Market Square except of its historic beauty has an absolute host of restaurants to visit and try some of Poland’s amazing national cuisine. The surrounding streets are a network of narrow, sometimes cobbled lanes with history and architecture at every turn. On the other hand the city is living modern and vibrant life with shops, nightlife and everyday life of its inhabitants in abundance.


I would like to show you the city – the Royal Route, Wawel Castle & Wawel Cathedral.

Tour Highlights:

Krakow main gate of the city – St. Florian’s gate and part of Krakow fortifications – the city walls with gallery of paintings and the Barbican

Walking tour along the Royal Route

The Main Market Square – the worlds famous heart of the city of Krakow with visit to St. Mary’s Church and highlight of medieval art piece gothic altar by Wit Stwosz  

Collegium Maius-the oldest building of Jagiellonian University

Grodzka Street with one of the most beautiful St. Francis church dated back to 12 hundreds.

St Peter and Paul church and St Andrew church dating back to the 11th century

Wawel Hill- the Royal Castle- courtyard and Royal Cathedral

You get to know the history of Poland, stories of our lovely city and you get to know why we call ourselves Central Europeans instead of Eastern Europeans.

Explore the city like a local