Jewish Heritage

Krakow unlike Warsaw was not destroyed during the WWII. For this reason, there are many places that remember the past. There are many sites in vicinity of Krakow that are crucial to see. Preserving history related to Jewish life in Poland is one of my interest that through the years lead to many interesting encounters, both in Poland and Israel. 

Kazimierz Krakow

Private tour of Jewish part of Krakow. A visit to Kazimierz is a must while you are in Krakow. Krakow’s artsy neighborhood characterized by small streets and trendy galleries all combined with the meaningful history of this place. 

Kazimierz – the part of Krakow which was till WWII inhabited by Jews, and could serve as a model of Jewish life in the diaspora. Listen to stories related to famous citizens of Krakow like rabbi Moses ben Isserles, Helena Rubinstein, Sara Shenirer (founder of Bais Yakkov schools and educational programs for girls). Visit the famous Remuh Synagogue with Old Jewish Cemetery and the museum of the Jewish life in Krakow at the Old Synagogue. Listen to stories from the past and learn about the present events – such as the biggest of this kind Jewish Festival in Krakow. 

On the other bank of Vistula river one can visit the area of former Ghetto, the scene of immense crimes in Nazi-occupied Poland early 1940s, nowadays a commemoration spot of the years of Shoah. In vicinity of the Ghetto Heroes Square one can visit Oskar Schindler’s Factory, nowadays serving as a building for the Historical Museum with the exhibition „Krakow under Nazi occupation”. 

If you are interested in special arrangements like Shabbat dinner, meeting with local activist who is preserving Jewish memory, historian specializing in Jewish history of Krakow or local rabbi – please get in touch ahead of time. We can arrange a very special meeting only for you.  

Jewish Heritage in Poland

Before the WWII Poland was home for more than 3.3 million Jews creating the largest Jewish population in Europe and second in the world. Poland was the center for Jewish culture. Only  369,000 people -survived the war (11% of Poland’s Jews). 

Poland and its complicated past is a place where you can explore Jewish culture and for many explore the family past. One of the most important museum telling the history of Polish Jewish relations is located in Warsaw – Polin Museum or History of Polish Jews. This institution is not only great exhibition spot, but also a place of education, when one can learn form various workshops, webinars, online lectures about Jewish past and present times in Poland.

Poland as a centre of Jewish life is now a place where we can trace the history and past stories. Numerous shtetls, small towns, Jewish synagogues and cemeteries. Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, smaller towns like Tykocin, Dabrowa Tarnowska, Gora Kalwaria, Bobowa or smaller shtetls are places that we can explore together.

Meet local activists and historians. Listen to stories of past and present times. 

Your roots in Poland

Poland is a place where one can encounter a lot of traces of Jewish history – both past and present. If you have any questions regarding your family history let me know. I traveled around Poland in order to trace family roots, bigger towns like Warsaw, Tarnow, or smaller towns like Dabrowa Tranowska or Staszow. 

Let me help you with your planning

Polish history may be difficult. And I know that. I am dealing with history research since years. But documents and books are only a part of history. The most crucial is meeting people who are interested in researching their family past. If you plan to do this – I may help you with the whole process, before the trip and during the journey.