About me

Renata Guzera

Few words about me

I work as a tour leader for more than 12 years, for 5 years I managed the team in one of the Incoming Operator offices in Poland. Since 2006 I have a „tour leader” license and I finished one year course to become a local guide in Krakow (Poland). I always try to combine my passion for knowledge, art and traveling that is why I decided to finish BA diploma in Applied Linguistics and years later BA in the art filed at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. The possibility to study Art gave me exceptional opportunity to get the scholarship at one of the best art schools in the world – Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. I am actively working in the artist field focusing on photography (mainly conceptual approach with archive research included) and graphics art (woodcut/linocut with my own technique).

What is my specialization?


Through years I developed the love for Jewish culture – the one that we encounter in Poland and the one in Israel. The next step for me is a focus on Jewish Studies in Poland.

Since years I travelled with American guests – I lead private tours as well as group tours around Poland and Eastern Europe. Very often my tours were lead in collaboration with American Universities and Institutions like Penn University, Smithonians, UCLA and other Alumni Organizations.

My true passion is art, Jewish heritage and tracing family roots around Poland (combined with archive research).



Rather than a guide I like to call myself a storyteller, where I focus on the history of the place and its cultural background. Through years I met a lot of people with interesting stories. Very often guest I met are interested in real experience, a journey in a wider sense that just a regular trip to Poland. I understand that the journey is not only about „seeing” places and listening to historical facts – I believe journey is mainly a „cultural experience” when you get to know people, their habits and aquire a culture.

That is why by sharing my entusiasm and being a local expert I know that I can lead a wonderful tour. I love personal attitude and even when I am leading big groups of people I always try to connect with every guest – know their interest and expectiations, since I believe every person is different and has own needs are requirenments, interests and reasons why to travel to Poland and Eastern Europe.

Art enthusiast

I love art, I can share this passion with you

Jewish History

This is the aspect of the history that is the most important for me

Tour by Local

I was born in Krakow and travelled around Eastern Europe for 20 years