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Eastern Europe

I am working as a Tour Director around Eastern Europe. If you are interested in visiting the regions of Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Germany I would be happy to answer your questions or help you to plan your stay in Europe. I am also designing detailed, customized itineraries of the areas of […]

Customized tour

I would like to show you my ‘corner of the world’ just the way you long to experience it. That is why I am pleased to introduce you the best, customized itinerary for your stay in Poland or Central Europe. The itinerary may include the highlights of given city and include events tailored to your […]


Family heritage research

I combine my love of guiding, history and interest in genealogy. If you are looking for your family roots in Poland – please contact me. I often travel around Poland, tracing the history of families and my guests‘ ancestors who left Poland years ago. It would be my pleasure to follow your history and help […]

Taste Food Tour

I love history, tours around the city, showing the highlights and the most important buildings in given destination. I always want to present the city from the local’s perspective for the visitors so they get better understanding of the people. But I would like to give you another option of exploring Poland and it’s former […]