Taste Food Tour


I love history, tours around the city, showing the highlights and the most important buildings in given destination. I always want to present the city from the local’s perspective for the visitors so they get better understanding of the people.
But I would like to give you another option of exploring Poland and it’s former capital – Krakow. Explore it from very local but seemingly cultural part – food.
I would like to take you for a pleasant walk with me when I will show you around town, let you taste delicious local foods and open your horizons with interesting local information.
Try Polish kielbasa, pierogi, drink beer (delicious in this part of the world), taste our delicious soups (especially mushroom soup served in bread). I will show you the best local places off the beaten path which are often missed by visitors (they are simply hidden!).

Come and enjoy my foodie walk with me!

Vist website www.cracowtaste.com for more information

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